• Made in USA
  • 4 Progressive Correction Levels
  • Anti-Linger Technology
  • Low Battery Warning
  • Natural Rubber Comfort Contacts
  • Waterproof & Submersible
  • 1.1 oz

Major Credit cards

Product Description

Compatible With:

  • Model #: ICT-50 (Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-75 (Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-150
  • Model #: ICT-100 (Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-100A (Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-250 (Blue Case)
  • Model #: ICT-700 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: ICT-725 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: ICT-750 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: ICT-775 (Gray Case)
  • Model #: AT-950 Indoor Transmitter
  • Model #: CT-4000
  • Invisible Gate
  • Model #: ICT-50 (Blue Case)
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with 800 Series Invisible Fence® Transmitters

Frequency Selection:

In order to be certain that your new collar will properly communicate with your Invisible Fence® system, you will need to know what frequency your fence is programmed to. To find out, take the cover off of your transmitter and look for a black toggle switch. It will either be switched to 7K or 10K. If you are unable to find this switch, you will need to contact your Invisible Fence® dealer to find out what frequency you are running on. The image below illustrates where the frequency indicator switch is located. When placing your order, please use the dropdown menu to ensure that you receive a properly configured Invisible Fence® compatible collar.

Invisible Fence Brand Transmitter Invisible Fence Brand Chart

Use the chart below to determine if you have a 700 or 800 Series System

Invisible Fence Brand Compatibility

If you have Invisible Fences® newest system Boundaries Plus, our compatible collar will also not function with this system, as pictured below.


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