• 500 ft. to 2500 ft. Continuous Spool
  • Thick Polyethylene Coating
  • 18-Gauge
  • Underground Rated
  • Compatible With All Dog Fence Systems

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Product Description

How much wire do i need?

This 500 ft. continuous spool of 18 gauge dog fence wire is perfect for either repairing, replacing or upgrading the low quality wire that is commonly included in most standard dog fence systems. If this is the first time you are purchasing a Do It Yourself dog fence kit, you can upgrade the lower quality wire from the get-go. Selecting a high-quality wire can save you from having a wire break down the road.

If you have already purchased your dog fence kit, it is not too late for protecting your investment. Promote the integrity of your dog fence system by using a higher-quality wire with a thicker jacket. There is one main enemy of dog fence wire…moisture. For example, if you have low-quality 20 gauge dog fence wire, moisture as well as hot and cold weather cycles can have a devastating effect upon it. Standard wire that comes in a cheap kit from the manufacturer has a very thin, vinyl coating on it. This means it is very likely going to crack and degrade in a short amount of time.

In contrast, our 18-gauge dog fence wire has a thick polyethylene coating over it, which makes it fully-waterproof and resilient.


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