• 14-Gauge Wire
  • Solid Core
  • 1500 ft. Continuous Spool
  • Thick Polyethylene Coating
  • Universal Dog Fence Wire (works with all brands)
  • Made In the U.S.A.
  • Burial Grade, Waterproof Wire
  • UV Resistant For Surface Installations

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Product Description

How much wire do i need?

You won’t find anything close to our high-quality, custom-made dog fence wire anywhere else. We have developed our wire specifically to cater to the needs of our DIY in-ground dog fence customers. We have over 20 years in the electric dog fence industry. Trust us when we say that the quality of your dog fence wire is directly-related to the longevity and performance of your electric dog fence.

Wire becomes the weak point in any in-ground dog fencing system. While your dog fence transmitter stays sheltered and protected indoors, it is the dog fence wire that takes constant abuse. Changing seasons, rocks and tree roots, animal chews and lawn equipment can cause a wire break. Wire breaks can cause quite a headache. They can be time-consuming, as well as costly. Avoid the hassle of having a wire break in the first place, by investing in our eXtreme™ brand wire.

Our solid core cable has triple-layer coating of durable plastic polyethylene. It has a thicker jacket than even companies such as Invisible Fence® use.


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