• 14-Gauge Wire
  • Solid Core
  • 1000 ft. Continuous Spool
  • Thick Polyethylene Coating
  • Universal Dog Fence Wire (works with all brands)
  • Made In the U.S.A.
  • Burial Grade, Waterproof Wire
  • UV Resistant For Surface Installations

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Product Description

How much wire do i need?

The biggest complaint we hear in the dog fence business is the problem of broken dog fence wire. Time-consuming and costly, wire breaks are thankfully avoidable. The best way to avoid wire damage is to start out with a high-quality dog fence wire. Our eXtreme™ dog fence wire is a professional-grade, heavy duty dog fence wire that is far above the rest.

Our dog fence cable is designed to outlast and outperform its competitors. Our eXtreme™ 14 Gauge dog fence wire uses a strong, plastic polymer which is coated 3 times as thick than our other gauges of wire. This triple coating is designed to ensure the ultimate of protection of the wire.


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