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Puppy dog

Did Santa bring your family a new puppy this Christmas? Puppies are naturally curious creatures. Although this makes them a lot of fun, they can also easily get into harmful situations. Before your puppy gets into any danger, be sure to survey your home for potential problems.

Electrical Cords

When a puppy is playing, he or she may try chewing on an electrical cord. This can cause their mouth to be burned, they can suffer from electrical shock, or they can even be electrocuted and die. You can simply run your electrical cords through a special spiral cable wrap, cord concealer, or even PVC piping to keep your puppy safe.

Medication and Drugs

Don’t leave your medicine in a place where your puppy can get to it. This goes for vitamins as well. Leaving vitamins or pills out on the countertop is asking for trouble. Even if you put them in a plastic container, a puppy can chew through it. Up high and completely out of the way is best.


All tobacco products contain substances that can be toxic or fatal. This includes nicotine gum and patches.

Specific Foods

Most dog owners already know about the dangers of chocolate, but there are more. Yeast dough, xylitol (found in chewing gum) and alcohol are also dangerous. Other toxic foods for dogs include onions, grapes and raisins. Don’t feed your puppy table scraps that are high in fat, sugar or salt.

Monitor Your Garbage Can

Whatever you throw away can be a potential danger for your puppy. Items such as chicken bones, coffee grounds and meat trimmings are a few examples. Items like plastic wrap, plastic soda can holders and string can also cause a problem. To make sure your puppy won’t get into something that can harm them, close your garbage can tightly with a lid.


Although it should go without saying, keep away obvious poisons like bug killers, mouse killers or antifreeze for example.

Specific Plants

Plants that are toxic to dogs include azaleas, Calla lilies, dieffenbachia and philodendrons.

Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning supplies should be kept in high cupboards. If this isn’t a possibility, use a childproof latch to secure lower cupboards. If your puppy likes to drink out of the toilet, don’t use an automatic bowl cleaner in your tank. When you are cleaning, using liquids or spray cleaners, keep your puppy in a separate location. A curious puppy may accidentally get a mist of cleanser in their eyes, or they can breathe in harmful vapors from bleach and the like.

Doors and Windows

Don’t let your precious little puppy tumble out of an open window or wander out of a door that has been mistakenly left open. If you have windows open to let in fresh air, make sure the screens on the window are nice and secure.


Use a pet gate to close off stairwells to keep your puppy safe.


If thick threads from clothing are eaten by pets, it can cause a blockage in their intestines. Keeping your laundry baskets off of the floor is a good idea.

Small Swallowable Items

Think coins and jewelry. They contain toxic metals. Anything that is on the floor is subject to be chewed upon, or potentially cause choking.

Heat Sources

A puppy might see a fire inside your fireplace and think he wants to see it closer. Placing a screen in front of a fireplace will keep this from happening. Space heaters are another potential problem. Your puppy should never be left alone in a room that has a space heater or an open flame.