An electric dog fence is a relevant solution to pet problems and an aid to your four-legged friend’s well-being. However, one must consider numerous pros and cons to see what kind of barrier is right for them. This article aims to help you with relevant information.

In this day and age, the backyard may not be as safe as it seems. Bad neighbors, the ability to catch diseases and threats to physical safety are just some of the many problems that your pup may encounter there. Many pet owners have taken to purchasing a wireless pet fence for convenience, yet there are many pros and cons to consider. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Electric Dog Fence: Pros

Electronic fencing may seem high, yet it is significantly cheaper than the cost of all materials that you would need for traditional fencing. When taking installation into account, traditional fencing is much more expensive compared with an electric barrier. Instructions on how to install an electric dog fence are basic, allowing easy installation.

An electric dog fence allows freedom for your pet to roam around safely. Some designers can cover areas of up to 20 acres and these barriers are usually easy to install on difficult terrain compared with traditional fences.

The flexibility of electric fences gives owners of homes added flexibility. These barely visible fences won’t break up any green space in the garden and won’t be as much of an eyesore, like what animals leave behind for the best pooper scooper. No spoiled scenery with an invisible wall!

Electric Dog Fence: Cons

Your pet will feel a shock that is substantial because electric dog fences need a high voltage. Although this doesn’t harm the animal in the long run, people close to their puppy may not like to see an extreme dog fence shock every now and again.

There is a chance that your animal may associate the feeling of shock with something that is unrelated to the wall system. For example, if your pup is shocked at the boundary when greeting another animal, he may think that greeting other animals is bad.

Much like with humans in prisons, an electric dog fence can create frustration. This may come as a result of range limitation, the barrier preventing your pet from greeting other animals or humans outside the enclosure setting. An increase in stress can lead to aggressive behaviors which may put humans and other animals at risk over time.

Your Enclosure, Your Rules

As with any decision regarding a pet, the choice of whether to install an invisible fence® for dogs is one that demands appropriate consideration. Take the time to carefully assess the well-being of you and your puppy.

Do you own a pet of any kind? Any thoughts on electric fencing? We’d love to hear more from you below.

Author’s BIO: Betti Wilson is a committed and passionate full-time animal blogger. She has written on a number of dog-related topics and has written articles on various other animals too. Last year she completed her postgraduate degree in wildlife management and is looking to new ways into the improvement of animal well-being.