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  • Its spring-loaded Acrylic flaps are sealed with a pile weather strip
  • Well-Insulated
  • Has a keyed lock with an additional steel cover (Medium and larger)
  • Its optional tracks allow the cover to slide in place
  • Costs less than having to maintaining vinyl flap doors
  • Attractive Saloon Style Door
  • Kennel version is available
  • Anodized satin frame
  • White and Bronze frames are available at an extra charge

PlexiDors are both unique and attractive. Their 2 dual-pane hardened acrylic flaps swing open from the center, much like a saloon door. Extra-Large uses two single pane flaps, where the small uses a single dual pane flap. These rigid flaps are much easier to seal than flexible vinyl. Each door has pile weather-stripping around the flap to provide a tight seal to the frame. These spring-loaded doors return to the closed position with ease.

PlexiDor offers a nearly unbreakable flap and good insulation. This makes it an excellent choice for severe climates. This door features two different locking mechanisms. The door flaps are able to be locked in the closed position with a key. The door also comes with a bolt-on security cover in the large and medium sizes. The small uses a knob lock, no cover and no key. An optional rail setup is available, which allows the steel cover to slide into place for everyday use. Most pet doors require you to periodically replace flaps, PlexiDor usually only requires a spring replacement every 3-5 years. This makes it less costly to maintain. The PlexiDor is available in silver, white and bronze.