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Your dog deserves to be comfortable while being kept safe. Our Comfort Contacts make your Perimeter or Invisible Fence® Brand collar more comfortable for your dog. These soft rubber tips cushion your pet’s neck. They make it so your dog won’t have exposed metal points rubbing against their neck. Veterinarians agree that the softness of the rubber contacts will stop the dog’s skin from becoming irritated. The static correction can still be delivered through the soft, rubber covers. These Comfort Contacts may be purchased as an add-on for a Petsafe or Perimeter Technologies dog fence collar.

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1 review for Perimeter Comfort Contacts: Rubber Tips

  1. Joel Morassutti

    They are absolutely necessary to protect your pup’s neck, but unfortunately they seem to fall off on far to regular a basis. I have been through 4 of them over the course of our first year alone. On the other hand, at least they are replaceable!

    • Kelsey Pangallo

      Hello Joel,

      We are glad that you like the the rubber tips! I do apologize that they continue to fall off, we do recommend to change them every few months, typically when you swap out batteries. They are not required to be used but are a good option for the probes to be more comfortable on the dogs neck.

      Kelsey @ Extreme Dog Fence

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