eXtreme Dog Fence Max Wire – 14 Gauge Electric Dog Fence Wire – Ultra Thick 60 mil Jacket, Best Quality Wire Recommended for Any Underground Dog Fence System

This is a 500 foot roll of the ultra-thick max quality 14 AWG – solid core copper pet fence wire. No matter the terrain, we have the heavy duty wire to fit your needs. These 500 foot rolls are enough wire to enclose up to 1/3 acre.

Our eXtreme Dog Fence Max brand, solid copper core dog fence wire is the highest quality dog fence underground boundary wire available, and it’s made in the United States.

* Maximum spool length: 2000 ft.

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Product Description

This ultra-durable, heavy duty wire is designed to outperform and keep your dog safe. Rest assured, knowing you are getting the real eXtreme Dog Fence brand wire.

When installing an electric dog fence you should choose only a solid core, very well insulated wire rated for burial (polyethylene coated works best). The thick 60 mil. polyethylene jacket has been tested and improved for maximum performance.

  • Thickest Pet Fence Wire Available: The eXtreme Dog Fence Max Wire is a 14 Gauge Pure Solid Copper Core with a Full 60 Mil High Density Polyethylene Jacket for Max Performance and Max Life
  • 500 Continuous Feet: Enough Underground Dog Fence Wire to Cover Up to 1/3 Acre and Can be Buried, Run Above Ground and Secured with Yard Staples or Attached to an Existing Traditional Fence
  • Compatible with ALL Electric Dog Fence Systems: Wire is the One Component of an In-Ground Dog Fence that will Work on ANY Brand or Model of Fence. Don’t Let Your Wire be Your Bottleneck. Go eXtreme
  • Other Applications: eXtreme Dog Fence MAX Wire is Also Designed for Other Low Voltage Outdoor Applications Like Robotic Lawn Mowers (LawnBott, Robomow), Landscape Lighting, Alarms, etc.
  • Made in the U.S.A.: eXtreme Dog Fence Wire is Proudly Manufactured with American Craftsmanship and Patriotism, Right Here in the United States

This wire is compatible with all underground dog fences:

  • eXtreme Dog Fence
  • PetSafe
  • SportDOG
  • Innotek
  • Invisible Fence
  • Dog Watch
  • PetStop
  • … and all other brands of in-ground electric dog fence systems.


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