At Extreme Dog Fence, we understand the importance of electric fence upkeep. Our dog fences keep your pets safe, but if a malfunction occurs, all your hard work can lead to danger for your best friend.

Fence integrity can be greatly increased with the use of our Waterproof Splices.

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Product Description

Waterproof Splices: A Small Solution to a Big Problem

Waterproof Splices are very important in the installation process of your pet fence, as well as its longevity. In order for your pet fence to perform at its best, using them is necessary. First, our Waterproof Splices can be used during installation, to repair broken wire or replace your existing wire. This is a safety precaution. Even though our Boundary Wire is made with a high-quality polyethylene jacket, wires that are not spliced properly can still lead to corrosion.

On a small property, finding a corroded piece of wire may not be too hard to do. However, on a 5-acre plot of land that was dug with a trench, it is a different story. However, if you use our Waterproof Wire Splices, you are helping to prevent this situation from ever happening.

How They Work

All you need to do is take the ends of the two wires you want to connect, and twist the included wire nut around the ends. Next, insert the nut inside of the capsule. This encases and protects the joined wires with a tight, waterproof seal.

Our Waterproof Electric Dog Fence Splices can be used with all of the following gauges of dog fence wire: 20, 18, 16, 14 and 12. We guarantee quality as they are made in the USA.

Troubleshooting Your Electric Dog Fence

Are you already experiencing problems with your existing electric dog fence malfunctioning? Is your dog able to pass through the fence? If so, check your dog’s collar first. A collar that is too loose is likely the culprit. Another possibility is that the battery in the collar is dead. If that isn’t the issue, it is time to check the transmitter. Make sure that the indicator light is on and is working. If the light isn’t on, and nothing is happening, lightning may have made its way to your transmitter. To prevent this, we suggest connecting a surge protector to your transmitter.

The last thing to check would be your splice connections, and your dog fence wire. If your transmitter and collars are both working properly, it is time to inspect the wire. However, if you are using our Waterproof Splices, and a lightning surge protector, you should be safe from having to check your wire. If a problem still exists, you will need to dig up your wire to discover where the break is in the wire.

Extra Protection with a Lightning Surge Protector

Another great addition to using Waterproof Wire Splices is a lightning surge protector. Our Lightning Surge Protector plugs directly into a wall outlet. You plug in your transmitter to this. Should lightning strike your home or the boundary wire, the surge protector will prevent the transmitter from shorting. When lightning strikes and you don’t have a surge protector, this can make your dog fence transmitter completely useless. That means it is not a chance worth taking. Our Lightning Surge Protector is easily installed, and protects your investment.

eXtreme Dog Fence Waterproof Splices Work with Other Systems

Our Waterproof Splices don’t only work with eXtreme Dog Fence systems. Use our splices and other accessories with electric dog fence systems from:

  • Invisible Fence
  • Perimeter Technology
  • PetSafe
  • SportDOG
  • Dogtra
  • DogWatch
  • Pet Stop
  • ALL other in-ground pet fence systems

Our splices aren’t just for electric dog fences! Use them to wire an irrigation system, sprinkler system or any other low-voltage underground wire application.

Additional Information

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