If your eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter has become damaged, this is the universal transmitter that will replace it.

There are many good reasons for choosing a eXtreme Dog Fence® system. Many people appreciate the fact that the contact points are covered in rubber, which makes the collar more comfortable for your dog. The eXtreme Dog Fence® system also has several features not offered by any other electric dog fence model.

The eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter offers multiple frequency selection. This feature is helpful if your neighbor also happens to have an electric dog fence. It filters out signal interference from neighboring dog fences and other systems with similar signals. This ensures that your electric dog fence remains as reliable as it can be.

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Another great thing about the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter is its patented temperature and wire check feature. This is how they work. They automatically sense and adjust accordingly for temperature changes and electrical changes. These factors can affect the performance of the system. This is particularly helpful for very cold climates.

With the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter, you are also able to adjust the width of the boundary. Unlike its competitors, this system has a digital readout, which allows you to make precise adjustments. You are able to adjust the boundary anywhere between a few inches and 32 feet, and your setting will remember and return to what you have set the boundary width to be.

This eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter is able to contain up to 25 acres of land. If you need your containment area to be bigger than this, purchasing additional transmitters will allow the system to cover a larger area.

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Multiple Frequencies: The multiple frequency selection is one of the standout features of the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter. This feature ensures that your dog fence will work without interruption, even if your neighbor has an electric dog fence as well.

Adjustable Boundary Zone: You are able to adjust the boundary zone width on the transmitter. This means that you are able to control how close your dog gets to the wire before receiving a correction. The boundary zone width adjustment of the eXtreme Dog Fence® is completely digital, so you are able to make precise adjustments.

Temp Check & Wire Check: The Temp Check feature on the eXtreme Dog Fence® means that the system automatically senses and adjusts for temperature and electrical changes that could affect the performance of your dog fence boundary wire. In extreme climates, this becomes really important. Its Wire Check feature means that the transmitter will audibly alert you if there is a break or inconsistency in your dog fence wire.

25 Acre Capacity: Our eXtreme Dog Fence® is capable of containing a property of 25 acres or less. This is enough for most situations, either in the country or the city.

Lacks Battery Backup: It should be noted that should the power go out, your dogs will be unprotected. This is because the system does not have a battery backup, in case of a power failure. Although the transmitter is very reliable, should the power go out, your fence will not be operational.


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