Pet fence boundary flags (also referred to as ‘training flags’) are used as visual aids during the training phase with a new in-ground fence system. The flags physically mark the perimeter you’ve chosen, letting your dog see the boundary while she learns about her new freedom. After installing your in-ground fence wire, you’ll use these flags to mark the perimiter. Flexpetz boundary flags are larger than the factory grade flags you’ll receive with your electric dog fence system. This maks them easier for the dog to identify from a distance, aiding in a quick training process.

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Product Description

Perhaps you are wondering what the purpose of dog fence flags are. Flags are used to mark the boundary of your dog fence. Why is this so important? Your dog needs a visual cue, or reminder of the line that he or she cannot cross. Dog fence flags act as a reminder to the dog that they cannot cross the line.

Our dog fence flags have a 12 inch steel shaft, which means they are sturdy and durable. You plant the dog fence flags about every 5 feet along the perimeter of your fence, where you have set the correction to happen. During training, your dog learns to recognize the boundary, with the help of the dog fence flags. Once your dog has been fully-trained, you gradually remove them, a few at a time. It is recommended to remove every other flag, every other day until all the flags have been removed.


  • 12 Inch Steel Shaft
  • 100 Boundary Flags – Enough To Cover 400-600 Linear Ft. Of Wire (3/4 acre)
  • Large Flag For Maximum Visibility


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