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How many collars do you need?

Choose how many standard collars you need. If you need a stronger collar, upgrade it to stubborn below.

How many collars do you want to upgrade to Stubborn?

Stubborn collars are perfect for large, strong-willed dogs. Examples of dogs that may benefit from a stubborn collar may include Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, and German Shepherds for example.

Add Wire

Wire is shipped in a single, continuous spool, unless other arrangements are requested.

Add Ground Staples

Ground staples are used to tack the wire to the top of the ground, should you decide to not bury it. One staple every 5 feet is recommended.

Add Surge Protector

Surge Protector offers lightning protection for the perimeter wiring and two outlets.

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Product Description


Simple to Set Up: No special programming is required to get your fence up and running. Simply make your connections, test the collar and set your boundary width.

Affordability: A great value, the Basics system is very affordable. Installing our DIY system will save you big bucks over having a professional company come out and install their overpriced components.

No Batteries Necessary: We listen to the needs of our customers! Our eXtreme Basics system has a rechargeable collar. This means you will never have to replace a battery in the collar when the battery is running low.

Size Accommodation: Designed for dogs weighing 15 lbs and up. Its adjustable collar strap fits necks from 10” to 26”.

Warranty: Every component of our eXtreme Basics System is covered by a full 5-year manufacturer warranty.

eXtreme Dog Fence Basics System: Contain Your Dog on ½ Acre of Land

Our eXtreme Basics system gives you just that: the basics. A new addition to the eXtreme Dog Fence family, it is designed to accommodate any number of dogs that are 15 pounds and up. Economical and reliable, the eXtreme Basics System is the little brother of our best-selling, top-rated eXtreme Dog Fence.

Note: It should be mentioned that the wire that comes in the eXtreme Basics Kit is a satisfactory, 16 gauge wire. It does not match the quality of the wire that comes in our eXtreme ProGrade and Max Grade kits. In addition to this, you should note that our Basics kit does not offer different levels of correction on the dog’s receiver collar that you can choose from. The basics system also does not offer different frequency levels.

  • No collar correction levels to set
  • No frequencies to calibrate
  • No special programming needed at all

Here is all you need to do to get your Basics eXtreme Dog Fence up and running:

  1. Call 811 and have your underground utility lines marked before your new Basics electric fence for dogs arrives.
  2. Layout your wire in one of the many configurations the Basics fence accommodates (Be sure to keep the wire at least 7-10 feet from any other parallel wire or underground utility line)
  3. Connect both ends of wire to your transmitter, power up the transmitter, and set the desired distance from the wire that you want the collar(s) to activate.
  4. Charge the collar receiver and test for consistency around your wire perimeter (listening for beep and using the included test light tool)
  5. Bury your wire 1″ to 5″ deep and begin training your dog(s).

The eXtreme Basics Dog Containment system includes:

  • 1 digital fence transmitter w/ mounting hardware
  • 1 waterproof collar receivers
  • Long and short sets of collar contact probes
  • USB collar charger
  • 500 feet of 16 gauge boundary wire
  • 50 training flags
  • Wrench tool for contact probes
  • Collar test light tool

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