It’s often said that a dog is born to jump. Jumping comes to dogs as easily as fish swim in water or as easily as Michael Bay makes incredible Transformer movies. However, an overzealous dog that keeps jumping all over the place can be a source of embarrassment and concern to its owner. That’s why proper training is required, particularly for big dogs, in order to prevent or stop them from jumping around.

Your couch may thank you after this.

The training process, however, may not be absolutely regimental or structured and through minimal effort, you can have a more well behaved dog. The following six ways may be followed to prevent or stop dog jumping: 

Analyze the cause that makes him jump

Different factors trigger the jumping act in dogs. Smaller breeds tend to jump around as a self-defense mechanism because of their inherent insecurity. Certain toy breeds like pugs and chihahuas are genuinely fond of people and make a lunge for any visitor walking into the house. It’s their way of saying hello and welcoming guests.

They simply love to have strangers around and won’t spare the chance. The bigger breeds like Labradors, Boxers, and Great Danes are often fond of and protective about children and will shoot the loop when the little ones are around. However, it’s certain dogs that are wary of strangers and have behavioral problems that need constant supervision and control so that they cause no harm.    

Don’t allow the dog to greet strangers till it calms down

Before answering the door to welcome guests, put the leash on the dog’s collar and hold it firmly. A head halter or front-clip harness works best to prevent sudden jumping. After the initial barking, when he calms down, allow him to approach visitors so that he can sniff around.

If he makes any effort to jump again, gently lead him away and wait again for him to steady on. For acutely excitable dogs, a contained area needs to be found where he can be isolated before guests arrive.

A baby gate or exercise pen is good enough containment for a variety of excitable breeds. With a large or particularly athletic dog that can jump across a gate easily, confinement to a room with the door shut is advisable. Once he calms down, clip on the leash and allow him to greet guests.

Ignoring a jumping dog works

When the dog is calm, praise him and give him full attention. If at all he jumps up, stand still with your hands crossed across your chest until he behaves himself again. Simultaneously instruct all family members and guests to consistently and steadily ignore the jumping or can put the dog behind an interior fence or in the backyard to slowly teach the dog a lesson.

At the same time, put him on his leash and remove him to an isolated corner if he continues jumping. As long as its paws are on the floor, give him a reward, pet him or play with him. When he is able to connect the reward or the lack of it with his behavior, he will automatically stop prancing around.

Give the dog something to carry or chew on

It is often seen that for some breeds, gripping something in their mouth when greeting strangers or even people you know curbs the jumping tendency.

Some dogs prefer balls or stuffed toys while others may like chews that are long-lasting. Food puzzles that are pre-stuffed is another option. Keep some near the main door and promptly give them to the canine as guests arrive. It’ll take his mind off them, at least for the time being. 

With care, your dog will understand what you want; their ultimate goal is to make you happy since you love them and they love you.