PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 is a rechargeable underground electric dog fence. It is a top pick for in-ground dog fencing. This is considered to be the first do it yourself dog fence that can utilize for “infinite zone technology”. This kind of technology that is paired with the rechargeable and compact receiver collar is simply great for this system. Its helpful features such as the pet barrier compatibility and collar fit test consider this to be the top most system.

The namesake and the main benefit of this system is its space maximizing feature. Most of the dog fence transfers the signal out in the radius around its perimeter wire. In YardMax, the fence sends its signal away from a wire in one direction only. It means that the correction zone will start right at the wire then continues infinitely out from there. In YardMax mode, the usefulness of the space inside the wire will be maximized. That will not make running off of the dog completely from its correction zone impossible. For safety purposes, the correction systems will timeout every 15 seconds.

Things to Expect in PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115

Lightweight and Small YardMax Collar

The collar of this system has impressive range in correcting the strength settings. It also has enough strength for the large and low sensitivity in spite of its small and lightweight design. The collar has replaceable and adjustable nylon strap with its fast release buckle plastic. Thus, it looks too big for most of the dogs to use it.

Easy to Use YardMax Transmitter

The transmitter of this fence system is unobtrusive and small. The transmitter can be set into traditional or YardMax mode depending on your preference and layout. The traditional mode is somewhat the better choice for properties in installing the electric dog fence.

Rechargeable YardMax Collar

This gives ease in getting into a habit of charging the collar by the time of taking it off into your dog. As a result, you will not get stuck in dead collar; unable of letting the dog out. The collar is fully charged for two hours. Charging adapter is already included in the kit of YardMax fence system.

Ready test and Fit test on YardMax Collar

The Fit Test is a self-diagnostic that automatically beeps in order to know if the collar is properly fitted. This is particularly useful to people owning a dog with thick and long coats.

YardMax Installation Supplies

This system comes with spool of flimsy, thin, manufacturer grade wire and poorly coated. It does not come with twisted wire. Most of the installations require a twisted wire in connecting the transmitter into perimeter loop.

Compatibility with Pawz Away Pet Barriers

The PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 is compatible with the PetSafe Pawz Pet Barriers. It acts like baby gate that works with collar the same as fence perimeter.

The PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 has the best features from the previous PetSafe systems. This is greatly recommended for both the multi-dog and single households. This is the best choice for any small yards.