Some dogs are unphased by the correction strength offered by other electric dog fence collars. Many guardian breeds are not as sensitive to pain like the smaller and gentler breeds are. This system is designed for large to very large dogs, weighing a minimum of 50 pounds. It works well on persistent breeds like Pit Bulls and German Shepherds. If this sounds like your dog, then the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog System is what you need. This is because its correction levels are three times as strong as other systems.

Compatibility of the Stubborn Dog fence with other collars is a plus. With the Stubborn Dog fence, you are able to use other PetSafe® transmitter collars. This is particularly useful if you have other dogs that don’t require the stronger corrections offered by the Stubborn Dog system.

For example, if you have a Boston Terrier, you can fit them with an Elite Little Dog collar. This collar will work with the Stubborn Dog fence, without giving your little one the stronger correction levels like the other. In addition to this, the Stubborn Dog collar works in conjunction with the PetSafe® Indoor Radio Fence. This device allows you to set up “off limits” areas within your home.

Some people like a rechargeable collar, but unfortunately the Stubborn Dog Collar is not. However, the great thing is that the collar runs on standard 9-volt batteries, which can be easily purchased at your local discount store. You can expect to have to change the collar’s batteries every 3 months or so.

One great feature about the Stubborn Dog collar is that it is waterproof and fully submersible. This means that if your dog decides to take a swim in your pond, the collar won’t be ruined. One drawback of the Stubborn Dog collar is that it is rather big and bulky. However, because it is designed for large dogs, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In conclusion, with all things considered the PetSafe® Stubborn Dog Fence is an excellent choice for containing large dogs with strong temperaments.