If you have your sights set on a wireless dog fence, there are only a few options available, and the PetSafe® Stay + Play is one of them. Let’s see how this model measures up to the rest.

To begin with, unlike some other systems, the Stay + Play dog fence can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs. Some wireless dog fences only allow 2 dogs. This makes it a viable solution for homes that have many dogs.

Another benefit of the PetSafe® Stay + Play is that its collar is rechargeable. This is a big plus, as you won’t have to worry about keeping stocked up on expensive proprietary batteries. You can expect a full charge to last you for about 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how many times your dog challenges the boundary. The collar is comfortable for your dog and completely waterproof.

The transmitter is the smallest of all of the PetSafe® wireless systems. It will give you a warning signal if there is a power loss or a failure in the system. The Stay + Play transmitter is designed to contain your dog within a circle that is 210 feet across, which is equal to ¾ of an acre. The size of the containment circle is adjusted via the control dial that is located on the transmitter.

Although the Stay + Play doesn’t offer the largest containment area on the market, its reliability is untouched by any of the other wireless dog fence systems. On any wireless dog fence, there will be signal instability from time to time. This means that the location of the boundary can change a bit. In general, with the PetSafe® Stay + Play, you can expect the boundary to only fluctuate about 2 feet on either side.

If you do have several dogs, you may be wondering if the collar that comes with it will be appropriate for each of your dogs. As long as your dog weighs at least 5 pounds and is at least 6 months old, the Stay + Play collar will work for them. Remember, the system only comes with one dog fence collar, so you would need to purchase additional dog fence collars separately.

So, what is our final conclusion about the PetSafe® Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence? Providing that it gives you a large enough coverage area for your dog, there is quite simply no better choice in wireless dog fences. Its affordability and reliability makes it an excellent selection.