The main appeal of the PetSafe® Rechargeable In-Ground Dog Fence is you guessed it, rechargeable batteries. Some dog fences require you to buy expensive, replaceable proprietary batteries to keep the collars running. This is why most people find a rechargeable model to be so desirable. When it is time to charge the batteries, this will only take 2 hours. You can expect each large to last you approximately 2 months.

Another thing people like about this fence is that it is affordably-priced. It comes with both short and long contact points, so if your dog has longer, thicker hair, there is nothing else for you to buy.

The PetSafe® Rechargeable In-Ground Dog Fence is able to contain a generous amount of land, at 25 acres. The collar is lightweight and comfortable, and works well for dogs as small as 10 pounds and as large as 150. However, if you have a dog that requires a different PetSafe® in-ground collar, the good news is that it will be compatible with this fence. For example, if your dog is only 5 pounds, you can pair this system with an Elite Little Dog Collar. The PetSafe® Cat Collar is also compatible with this fence.

Most dog owners find that the 4 progressive levels of static correction are sufficient for their dogs. It also has a tone only mode, which you can use for training purposes. The great thing about PetSafe® systems are that the correction level is set on the collar itself. This means that if you have more than one dog, you can customize the level of correction you need for each one.

With that being said, the collar that comes with this system is very versatile. Although the correction may be too strong for the smallest of dogs, you will find that the corrections it delivers are sufficient for most other dogs.

If you want to create exclusion zones within your home, you are able to do this. The PetSafe® Rechargeable In-Ground Dog Fence is also compatible with the PetSafe® Indoor Pet Barrier. The same rechargeable collar will work on the outdoor and indoor fences.

Another mentionable feature of this fence is that it has progressive run-through prevention. This means that the further your dog goes into the correction zone, the correction level automatically ramps up. This lessens the possibility that your dog will try to run through the boundary.

In conclusion, the PetSafe® Rechargeable In-Ground fence is an excellent choice for dog owners who need a relatively large containment area and have medium to large sized dogs.