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When it comes to pet insurance, many people ask themselves, “Is pet insurance worth it?” The answer isn’t a simple one, because some animals don’t have any major medical problems in their lifetime, while others do. If your dog rarely needs to visit the vet, you might not think pet insurance is needed. However, what if your precious furry child gets cancer or some other type of serious condition? In cases like these, there is no question that pet insurance makes sense. If you have decided to shop around for pet insurance, here is a short summary of common pet insurance companies.

Perhaps you might begin your search for pet insurance by looking at VPI pet insurance. However, you should know that it has a new name, which is Nationwise Pet Insurance. According to their website, they offer 3 different levels of pet insurance coverage.

At the lowest level, it covers for yearly essentials such as wellness exams and testing, flea and heartworm prevention and vaccinations. This level starts at a low $17 a month. On the second tier, Nationwide pet insurance covers exams, lab tests, x-rays, prescriptions, surgeries and hospitalization, chronic conditions and some hereditary conditions. At this level, their plans start at $34 a month. On the highest level of coverage, their Whole Pet with wellness coverage offers “true nose-to-tail coverage” including all hereditary conditions with no waiting period. It gives you 90% back on veterinary bills and plans start at $64 a month.

ASPCA Pet Insurance may be another company you have heard of. This organization obviously has a great reputation due simply to what their acronym and company itself stands for. When you visit their site, you enter your zip code and a little information about your pet to receive a quote that is tailored to your needs. They offer many different levels of coverage to choose from. For example, on their level 3 tier, they cover alternative therapies such as: acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy, hydrotherapy and low-level laser therapy.

Healthy Paws pet insurance is another pet insurance company you may have heard of. According to their website, they were rated as being #1 by customers in 2014, 2015 and 2016 on several pet insurance reviews sites. They offer unlimited lifetime benefits, paperless claim filing from any device, and they pay up to 90% of your vet bill. They developed the first pet insurance iPhone app, which is definitely helpful in today’s fast-paced information age.

Perhaps you would like to go the route of looking at some pet insurance reviews. There is one place where you can compare different pet insurance plans. It is the Embrace Pet Insurance website. You start by entering your location and a little information about your pet. They offer you a 5% discount if your pet is spayed or neutered. Next, you personalize your plan based only on the services you think you will need. Although their goal is to market their own brand of pet health insurance, they provide you with a side-by-side pet insurance comparison of the plans they offer against those of their competitors.

In your search for the best pet insurance, you may be looking for Banfield pet insurance. Many people have heard of Banfield veterinary clinics and assume they must offer their own brand of pet insurance. However, this is not the case. Turns out there is no such thing as Banfield pet insurance. However, what they do offer is called an Optimum Wellness Plan. It basically provides financing your pet’s preventative care over a period of 12 months. It is not designed to treat unforeseen injury or illness.

Veterinary pet insurance may be just what you need to save the life of your pet, when everyday expenses don’t often allow enough extra cash for emergencies like these. Pet insurance cost varies greatly, so shopping around is advisable.