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Keeping dogs safe has been the main goal of Perimeter Technologies for more than 35 years. Part of the team who originally designed and developed the Invisible Fence brand, they have continued to engineer the most innovative and reliable do-it-yourself electric dog fencing on the market.

Offering the world’s most advanced DIY dog fence designed and made by pet owners and pet lovers right here in the USA with imported parts. They remain at the forefront of technological advances in the electronic pet containment industry. In the late 1980’s Perimeter took a fresh approach to an existing product – the electric dog fence. They used the existing containment systems as a jumping off point to create something new and dynamic. Thirty years later they are still seeking out opportunities to redefine existing products using the latest technological advances. Debuting the very first WiFi Dog Fence, the company has taken the very technology that makes our lives convenient and wire-free and applied it to dog fencing.


Electric dog fencing offers loads of great features and has lots of clear advantages over traditional fencing. Aside from being much more affordable and easy to install over any terrain, electric dog fencing also remains effectively invisible and while it keeps the dogs safely within the boundaries of the property, it allows their owners to move freely. Rather than creating a physical barrier the system actually teaches the dog where the boundaries lie making it a useful training tool as well as a containment system.

WiFi Dog Fence has arrived. Taking wireless technology to a new level, Perimeter Technologies has created a wireless dog fence system that uses the very same wireless communication protocol that we use in our daily WiFi communications. This technology not only makes using wireless fencing simpler and more familiar but also keeps your dog safely within the boundary area of up to 2.5 acres. The Smart Station can accommodate up to two waterproof transceiver collars at a time and allows for the use of replaceable/rechargeable lithium batteries. Soft, conductive rubber contact points and unique custom correction programming are two more features that make Perimeter Technologies stand out.

Comfort Contact In-Ground Fencing is a tried and true invisible containment system that packages professional grade features into an easy to install and affordable DIY fence option. Up to 5 acres of coverage with the provided 500 feet of boundary wire, super gentle patented comfort contact probes, and the smallest receiver collar on the market put the Perimeter Technologies electric dog fence system heads and shoulders above the competition.

Since 2003 the Perimeter Technologies team has continually introduced the most technologically advanced containment systems to the electric dog fence market. With their products you can expect enhanced safety features like the Patented Temp, Wire, and Battery Checks which ensure your system is operating as it should regardless of the climate, damage to the boundary wire, or low battery and secure digital frequency encoding which effectively eliminates interference from neighboring fence systems and other signal generating devices. Their waterproof poly-carbonate collar receivers are built to withstand being dropped, chewed, and enduring the rough play your dog loves to engage in.

Designed and made in the USA with imported parts, all Perimeter Technologies products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

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  1. We purchased a dog fence this summer. The wire is installed. The receiver was not working and we received a new one. Now the collar will not work. It does
    Not trigger a shock when we cross the line. The light did not work. We replaced the battery. Still not working. What do you recommend?

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