1. Your kitty needs a warm, comfortable space where she can watch the world go by. Look no further than this Thermo Kitty Sill. It has a removable heater and a conveniently washable cover. It is sturdy in design so it is able to handle the weight of even the largest of cats. The heater keeps your cat a cozy 102° while she is able to see out of the window at the same time.
  2. Next up is the Hangin’ Cat Condo. What is so great about this cat tree? It hangs on the backside of a door, so it is a super space saver. It has 7 peep holes for your cat to view out of. Made of a waterproof fabric, it allows complete interior access from all levels.
  3. Have you imagined how nice it would be to be able to take your cat with you when you go walking outdoors? The Kitty Walk Emerald Stroller can make this a reality. Just place your cat within the closed section and wheel him around the neighborhood with ease!
  4. Do you have an outdoor cat? Then you need an Outdoor Kitty House. It can be purchased with or without a heater. This waterproof, easy-to-assemble house has both a front and a back door so if an unwanted guest comes indoors, your kitty can escape out of the back.
  5. Even if your cat is used to being indoors, you can let him step out of the norm to play in this outdoor playground for cats known as the Kittywalk Grand Prix. It leads your cat to climb up, down and all around. Its circular design allows your cat to keep running without ever reaching the end of the playground. It can even accommodate up to 3 cats, comfortably.
  6. Your indoor cat with love sleeping in their own Mod Dream Pod. The futuristic design of this pod will turn your cat into a space kitty! Available in several different colors, the Mod Dream Pod is made of a rugged polyester material that zips together. The interior is lined in a plush, lycra fabric. It has a large enough opening for any cat comes equipped with its own kitty pillow.
  7. Keep your cat entertained with the Cat Dancer Mouse in the House toy. This whimsical delight is cute as can be. It has a mouse that comes out on a track and makes funny little noises to attract the attention of your cat. It is designed to keep working even when your cat holds onto the mouse. The mechanism will even turn itself off if the cat holds the mouse for too long.
  8. Another fun toy for your cat is the Bergan Turbo Track. There is a ball inside of this poseable track that your cat can chase after. The track can be configured any way that you wish. It’s a great way to encourage your cat to exercise. You can even add on scratching pads with catnip to further the experience.
  9. After all of that playing, your cat is sure to be thirsty. Buy them the Drinkwell Stoneware Avalon Fountain in Red. It continuously flows and circulates your cat’s water supply, keeping it fresh and clean. It has a replaceable charcoal filter and it holds up to 70 ounces of water. The best part about it is how great its red stoneware design will look sitting in your home.