Dog running in a green park

Does your doggie need a little TLC from you? Doing things to make your dog happy is likely to make you happy in the process. The following are many great ways to spread a bit of cheer into your dog’s life. Take time to play with your dog every day. Even if you feel tired from a long day of work, your dog needs you to take some time out and help him get some exercise. You may even be surprised that you feel better yourself!

  1. Keep your dog’s water supply fresh. You wouldn’t want to drink warm water that has been sitting in a bowl for days and neither would your dog. Fresh water is necessary for your dog’s health, so fill it up and change it daily.
  2. Road trip! Load up your precious pooch in your car and head out for a little drive. Give your dog a change of scenery. Take him for a car ride out in the country or better yet, head to your local dog park.
  3. Brush your dog regularly. Not only will this keep your dog from shedding as much around the house, he will feel great when you are doing it.
  4. Take time to cuddle. Hugging your dog will make both you and your dog feel good. Let him know how much you care.
  5. Go swimming, if your dog’s health allows it. It will feel like a blessing on a hot summer’s day. Many dogs take naturally to the water and will enjoy doing what they do best, the doggie paddle!
  6. Walk it out. Taking daily fresh air walks with your dog makes for great exercise and bonding time as well.
  7. Have a chat with your dog. How much of it will he understand? Well no one knows that for sure, but in your therapy session, you are engaging with one another which will benefit you both.
  8. Teach your dog a new trick. Dogs love to feel useful. He is ready to do something that pleases you. Let him show you what he can do and be sure to reward him with treats.
  9. Splish splash, give your dog a bath! Be sure to be gentle and use a shampoo that is formulated especially for dogs.
  10. Feed him high-quality food with real ingredients. When the mood strikes you, cook him up a bit of chicken and rice, which most dogs love.
  11. Eliminate fleas from your dog’s life. Whether you choose to do this with commercial products or natural ingredients, make it a priority to keep your doggie as comfortable as you can.
  12. Buy him new chew toys. Kong toys are a great choice because you fill them up with food or treats. Your dog gets to figure out how to remove the treasure.

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