JAKKS Pacific® quietly recalled its Kong® Aussie Sticks dog treats on September 25, 2014. Based out of Walnut, California, the company recalled the product because of possible mold contamination.

Consumers can determine if they bought an possibly contaminated product by checking the item number and “best by” date on the packaging. The affected products have item numbers 75559 and 75560, in addition to “best by” dates of 1/30/16 and 1/31/16.

According to the company, most of the affected products were caught before they left the distribution center. There was a chance that some of the products did make it to PetSmart® locations, the only retailer where the product was sold, and so the company issued the recall out of caution.

Customers who might have purchased any of the affected product at a PetSmart® location can return it to the retailer where they bought it for a full refund. Additionally, they can contact JAKKS Pacific® via phone at 1-877-875-2557 for more information about the recall.