In-Ground Dog Fences

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If your dog runs away an in-ground dog fence may be the perfect solution.

What Is An In-Ground Dog Fence?

An in-ground dog fence (also known as an underground dog fence or a hidden dog fence) is a containment system designed to keep your dog (or cat) within a certain boundary without the use of physical barriers. An in-ground dog fence system consists of a transmitter, perimeter wire, and receiver collar. The transmitter is installed within your home, garage, or shed and connected to the perimeter wire. The wire will be used to create a loop starting and ending at the transmitter. This loop of wire will be the containment area that your dog or cat will learn to stay within. Most people opt to bury the perimeter wire underground, but the dog fence wire can also be run above ground using lawn staples to hold it in place. Once the wire and transmitter are installed you’ll fit the receiver collar on your dog and begin to teach your dog about the boundary line. When your dog gets too close to the boundary he will hear a warning tone emitted from the collar. If the dog continues toward the perimeter he’ll receive a harmless but startling static correction. As your dog progresses through the training he’ll learn to associate the tone and correction with the boundary and will begin to avoid approaching the boundary. See more information and watch useful videos that explain the basic components of an in-ground dog fence.

Why Use An Underground Dog Fence?

Price: An in-ground electric dog fence is a cost-effective alternative to a physical fence. Physical fences are expensive and time consuming to install and require a significant amount of maintenance. They are also very permanent – its not going with you when you move. Even the most expensive underground dog fence is a mere fraction of the cost of a physical fence. Depending, of course, on the size of your property, an electric dog fence can be installed by yourself in as little as a single day.

Aesthetics & Convenience: While a fence may contain your dog, it can also feel like its containing you! Physical fences create barriers in your yard, obscuring your line of sight and blocking the sun or breeze. An underground dog fence only contains your dogs. Virtually undetectable, the buried wire boundary does not create a physical barrier for the people in your home. Once you’ve completed the installation of the wire, your yard will look exactly as it did before you installed the fence.

Physical Fence Escapes: Many of our customers already have a physical fence around their property but their dogs either dig under or jump over the fence. An in-ground electric dog fence solves this issue too. Because the fence barrier is emitted in all directions from the boundary wire, your dog cannot dig under nor jump over the electric fence barrier zone without receiving a correction. In-ground dog fences can be installed alongside or even directly on an existing physical fence or wall.

How To Choose An In-Ground Dog Fence

Property Size: In-ground electric dog fences transmitters are able to power up to a certain linear footage of boundary wire. Each fence system is different in terms of exactly how many feet of perimeter wire the transmitter can handle. Decide how many linear feet of boundary wire you’ll need for your installation to limit your electric dog fence choices to those systems that have a capacity compatible with the size of your planned installation. The smaller your installation the more choices you will have. For more information on planning your dog fence layout visit our Dog Fence Planning & Layout How-To.

Number of Dogs & Dog Sizes: In selecting the right electric dog fence for you, you need to consider the number and size of your dogs. Most in-ground electric dog fence systems can contain any number of dogs simultaneously simply by adding a collar for each dog. However, not all systems give you control over the intensity of the static correction for each collar separately. Systems that do not allow for individual correction level settings for each collar generally aren’t suitable for multi-dog households where the size of the dogs varies significantly because a correction level setting that is appropriate for a large labrador would generally be far too strong for a smaller dog like a jack russell terrier. You’ll want to select an underground dog fence system that is appropriately sized for your dog. Electric dog fence receiver collars always have minimum weight limit and/or neck size guidelines to help you select a system suitable for your pets. Use our handy In-Ground Dog Fence Reviews chart to find systems suitable for your specific dog(s).

Off-Limits Areas: The eXtreme Brand in-ground dog fence systems offer the unique option to use compatible wireless barrier transmitters to create off-limits areas within your in-ground electric dog fence perimeter or within your home. If you want to keep your dog out of your garden, off the couch, or away from any other sensitive area of your yard or home, you can use a wireless pet barrier by eXtreme in conjunction with your eXtreme in-ground electric dog fence receiver collar. The wireless barrier transmitter is a small disc-shaped unit that either plugs in to a wall outlet or operates on battery power. The transmitter projects a circular boundary of adjustable size that communicates with your dog’s eXtreme in-ground fence receiver collar to teach your dog to avoid the area using the exact same principle as the in-ground fence boundary. If you think you’d like to use these wireless transmitters to create invisible barriers for your pet, you’ll need to ensure you select a compatible in-ground fence system.

eXtreme Experts Are Here To Help You Choose A Dog Fence

Not only do we offer the best and most reliable in-ground dog fence systems on the market, we also guarantee them at the lowest prices. Our team of knowledgeable dog-owners and professional dog fence installation techs are always available to aid you in deciding which in-ground dog fence system is best for you and your pets as well as to help you through the installation and training processes should you need it.

We have years of experience installing and using the very systems we sell and we’re always willing to share our knowledge with you free of charge. Don’t hesitate to contact us using our live chat, by phone, or by e-mail.

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