You may be wondering, why do dogs run away in the first place? I mean, you are providing food, shelter and love, so what do they have to run away from? One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a dog is having a dog that has become an escape artist. Physical fences are often not enough to keep dogs like these inside the yard. Dogs that escape risk getting hurt or hurting others, not to mention the anxiety experienced by their owners. Certain breeds are predisposed to try and escape, while others are content staying right at home. Logically, this should be something to consider when selecting the right dog for your family. Let’s get back to the question. Why do dogs run away?


Dogs are curious creatures. They want to know what is on the other side of the fence. They try and dig underneath it, in hopes of finding out. Sometimes they hear noises they want to investigate, or they may be attempting to socialize with people or other dogs outside of the boundary area.

Underestimating Exercise Requirements

Dogs are social creatures, which have been conditioned to have interactions with humans, other animals and their environment. If your dog immediately darts out of an open door the first chance he gets, he might be underestimated. Keep in mind that hunting breeds need much more exercise than just 2 10-minute walks each day. Is your dog getting enough exercise? Don’t underestimate the amount of exercise that your dog needs. If they are bolting out the door, they just may need a dose of exercise, such as a good run.

Lack of a Physical Boundary

Some houses have physical fences around their property, and some do not. There needs to be something to stop your dog from roaming, obviously. Although a physical fence may work for some dogs, strong-willed breeds may require further reinforcement. An electric dog fence is a great choice, whether you already have a physical fence of not. We will touch on that more in a minute.

Being in Heat

If you have spayed or neutered your dog, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, dogs who have not had this done tend to wander when they are in heat. In addition to their safety being compromised, you might also find yourself with puppies you don’t really want, or your dog becoming injured from trying to escape.

Following Hunting Instincts

When squirrels, birds, rabbits and deer come scampering along, it is your dog’s natural instinct to want to go after them. Their hunting and retrieving instincts can really kick in. Even the best physical fence won’t necessarily stop a dog who is going after prey. It can take a bit of training to remedy this situation.

Lack of Proper Containment

A fence that has been poorly installed, or one that isn’t deep enough or too short won’t do much to keep your headstrong dog in your yard. This is why an electric dog fence can be so useful. Your dog won’t be able to jump over it or dig under it, because they will receive a static correction. If you have a stubborn dog, you may be wondering if a static shock would be enough to stop your dog from just running through the line and ignoring the correction. There is one electric dog fence that will remedy this. It is called the Yardmax system. It features what is known as run-through prevention. This means if your dog crosses over the wire, he will continue to receive a correction until he comes back in the yard. The Yardmax fence also allows the most usable yard space for your dog.