There are many reasons why a family would choose to have a multi-pet household. We all know about “dog people” and “cat people,” but we have a lot of love to give! It’s possible to have both dogs and cats and for them to get along too.

Some people simply prefer to keep both cats and dogs. While the inclusion of a new family member might introduce a new animal to the house. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know which dogs are good with cats.

First, a word of warning. Any dog can be well-behaved with a cat, and any dog has the potential to not get along with cats. The important thing to remember is that each dog has their own temperament. So, our suggestions are just that: suggestions. You should always take your time introducing new animals to each other and use your gut to figure out of your pets will get along.

Which Dogs Are Good with Cats?

As a general rule, there are dog types that are best with cats. When asking which dogs are best with cats, the answer is usually dogs who do not have much of a hunter’s instinct. Here are some breeds that should get along well with cats.


The Pomeranian is a great dog for those who want a lap dog. Their stout stature hides their personality. They are actually great watch dogs because they are intelligent and alert. This makes them easily trainable too.

They are curious about their surroundings and want to run and play, but they love relaxing with their families as well. This makes them great choices for multi-pet households.


A native of the Americas, the Chihuahua is a breed that people have come to love. This tiny pup weighs in at only about 6 pounds but gives of a “big dog” attitude. So, a firm hand will be needed if you plan on living with a dog and cat, but the Chihuahua is intelligent and a fast learner.

They are loyal and charming. They easily find their way onto your lap, which is where they want to be. They don’t do well in cold weather, but with some consideration can adapt almost anywhere.

Chihuahuas enjoy exercise but are able to get a good workout in a very small space. This makes them ideal for city living.


The Beagle is very popular, ranking at the fifth most popular breed by the American Kennel Club. They are loyal companions and love to be in packs. This makes them a great dog for multi-pet households.

They can be trained with a little bit of patience. The Beagle responds well to positive reinforcement and not so much to harshness. Keep a back pocket full of treats and your Beagle will easily bend to your will.

Beagles also thrive in packs, so just letting them get exercise alone in the yard is not going to work very well. They respond better to exercising with a companion. This can be you or another animal. A Beagle will thrive with a companion, it’s just important to know that your cat must want a companion too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This small sport breed is one of dog lovers’ favorites. They are sweet, gentle and have a face that just melts hearts. They’re eager to please and extremely friendly as well. This makes them easily trained.

They are so friendly that they are often used as therapy dogs as well. Their friendliness makes them great companions for children or other pets.

They were also bred to be lap dogs. They enjoy moderate exercise, but they aren’t as likely to go on a chase around the house hunting your cat.


This intelligent and obedient pup makes a great companion and an even better watchdog. But their small stature and playfulness make them a great choice as a cat companion.

They are very loving and like to please. Just be sure to exercise them well as they have a lot of energy to get out.

Golden Retriever

One of the most popular dog breeds, the Golden Retriever exceptionally well suited for a family. They are joyful pets and can maintain a puppyish demeanor into adulthood.

This fun, playful attitude makes them a great choice for a multi pet household. They are very eager to please and socialize well.

As a larger breed, make sure they get enough exercise and they are sure to become a loving member of your home.

Which Dogs Are Bad with Cats?

While there are some dogs that are great friends with cats, there are some who just aren’t. Here are some dog breeds that might have difficulty living with cats. Again, don’t discount a certain breed just for this reason. Your dog’s personal temperament matters most.

Hunting Breeds

Breeds that fetch downed prey are not what we’re talking about here. We mean dogs that would down prey themselves. Dogs like the Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute are large and can be dangerous to cats if they haven’t become best friends.


These kinds of dogs were bred to eliminate other animals. They traditionally went after moles, rabbits, and badgers. A cat is not too much different in the eyes of an untrained dog, so use caution when introducing a Jack Russell, Scottie, or Schnauzer to a cat.

Sight Hounds

These dogs are wired to detect movement and will give chase to anything they see as a target. This means that a cat can easily be mistaken as prey and not as a family member. Be cautious when introducing sight hounds with cats.

Herding Dogs

Herding dogs are not likely to attack your cat, but they will become very annoying. Herders like to keep everyone together, and this can become a nuisance to a sleepy kitty.

Last Words on Cats and Dogs

When considering which dogs are good with cats, it’s important to remember that this is more of a guide than a rule. Each and every cat and dog have their own personality. The combination that works very well for one family just might not work for another.

The best thing to do is socialize the animals together. See if they are compatible before deciding that they’ll live together.

You should also train your dog to know that the cat is “yours.” this will make it less likely for them to fight, as your dog would not want to disappoint you.

In the end, just take it slow and always err on the side of caution. Your dog and cat can soon become best friends.