Dog or Cat? Which Pet is Right for You?

Dogs or cats? This ancient rivalry is one that humans hold near and dear to their hearts. Some of us are cat people, some of us are dog people. Which are you?

Read below to discover which species is the right pet for you.

Questions to Ask Before Considering a Pet

Caring for a cat or a dog is a big commitment. Each pet can be wonderful, but they might not fit into everyone’s lifestyle. If you’re considering getting a new pet, ask yourself a few questions first. These can help you gauge if your home is ready to accept a new pet.

  • Do you have the space for a pet? Where will a dog’s crate or cat’s litterbox go?
  • Do you live with other people who want a pet too and are willing to share in caring for the pet?
  • Are you going to be able to entertain your new pet? Will you take the time to play with a cat or take a dog out for a walk?
  • How active are you? Are you a homebody or do you spend all your time outdoors? How will a pet fit in with your time constraints?
  • Are you able to afford a pet? Can you afford their food and supplies? Will you be able to handle medical emergencies that come up?

If you are confident that you can afford a pet and that you’ll be able to take good care of one, you should decide which pet is right for your household.

Dog or Cat? Which Pet is Right for You?

Once you’ve decided that a pet is right for you, how do you decide which pet is the one? Dogs and cats are both social creatures, so you’ll need to be sure you can set aside quality time to be with them. A dog is not going to be happy if it’s locked up outside all day, and they will be equally upset if you leave them in a crate ten hours a day.

A cat is going to need your love and affection too. Some cats live to snuggle in a lap, while others are happy to hang out from a distance. Cats and dogs can be such different pets, so let’s look at what each pet might specifically need from you.

What Do Cats Need?

Cats are usually into keeping things clean. Not only are they going to spend a lot of their waking hours grooming themselves, but they are going to expect their litter box to be fresh. Be sure to set the time aside each week for a cat’s litter box cleaning.

Cats also need to scratch. Normally this means that your cat will need a scratching post. This not only lets them work out some stress, but it also lets them keep their nails clean and trimmed. You can also decide to trim your cat’s claws if you want. This will help keep their destruction to a minimum. Just remember that if you don’t give your cat an outlet for their scratching, they will find something to scratch. That something might be your couch or the walls.

Another thing to remember about cats is that they all have their own personality. Some cats are going to greet you at the door and want to be snuggled all the time. Other cats are going to disappear and take their time letting you find them. One personality is not better than the other. You should consider that you won’t really know what kind of cat you will get unless they are older when you get them.

What Do Dogs Need?

Dogs need lots and lots of love and attention. Where you might not see your cat for a day or so, hardly an hour can go by without your dog seeking you out. Puppies are an even larger time commitment. They will need to be brought outside every hour or two. They will need to be played with regularly, and they will need to be socialized.

You should also think about what kind of lifestyle you have and what kind of dog might fit into that easily. If you are a very active person, a Chihuahua might not be the best bet as they are not going to be able to go out running or hiking very far. Likewise, if you love to relax with a movie or a book, you might not want the largest dog you can find.

Regardless of the kind of dog you get, you need to remember that they are going to want interaction. They are going to look to every member of your family for love and belonging. So, make sure your whole family is up to the commitment.

Which Pet is Right for Me?

As for which pet is right for you and your home, it’s a question that really only you and your family can answer. Dogs and cats each make great companions. Just remember that whatever you choose is going to be a big commitment. Most dogs can live a minimum of ten years, with most cats living more than that. Know that getting a cat or a dog is a long-term commitment.

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