Many people are looking for an effective way to keep their dogs contained in their yard. Some people have tried their best at keeping their dog on their property with the help of a privacy fence. Is a privacy fence sufficient to keep your dog at home with you, where he should be? In some cases, the answer is yes, but in other cases the answer is not really. Does your doggie love to dig? Maybe your dog is fond of climbing your privacy fence. In situations like these, what can be done?

Reinforcing Your Physical Fence

Have you ever considered installing an electric dog fence around your existing privacy fence? Let’s take a minute to talk about how this solution works. Now, I know it is called an “electric dog fence,” but let’s begin by defining what this really means. First, here is what it does NOT mean. There is no actual electricity running through the dog fence wire. Instead, a radio signal is traveling through the wire. This means that your dog does not receive an “electric shock” from the dog fence wire. Here is how it works. Your dog wears a special receiver collar. This collar has the ability to sense when the dog is getting close to the wire, and it reacts accordingly. The dog hears a warning beep, alerting them that they need to back away from the perimeter. Right after this, the dog receives a static correction, to teach the dog that there is a consequence for crossing the boundary.

About Static Correction

You may be wondering what a “static correction” feels like to the dog. It is by no means painful. In human terms, it feels similar to running across the carpet in your socks and then touching a doorknob. It is startling or irritating to the dog, but does not cause him harm.

Laying Out Your Electric Dog Fence

Does your physical fence encircle your home? If so, then basically all you need to do is make a big circle around the bottom of your fence, starting and ending in the same spot. Then you just use a piece of twisted wire to connect your boundary loop with your transmitter. Perhaps your privacy fence exists only in your backyard. In this case, here is what you do. You need to double loop your wire. The diagram shows you how to do this. Basically, you begin at the transmitter. Follow the dog fence wire along the bottom of the fence. When you reach the other side, you need to retrace your steps. Simply run the wire along the top of the fence, being sure to separate the two parallel wires by 4 feet. Then, you end right back where you started, which is important since you must always begin and end your dog fence wire in the same spot.


If your dog likes to dig underneath or jump over your privacy fence, consider reinforcing it with an electric dog fence. Your dog will not be able to do this anymore, without receiving a static correction. With a bit of training, your dog will begin to respect the boundaries you have set for him.