extreme dog fence wire

We take a common sense approach in helping you choosing the right wire for your electric dog fence needs. It is important to know that all wires between 20 gauge and our Extreme 14 gauge function the same. The wire you choose is directly buried in the ground and stays there for years through all weather conditions. The reason to choose a heavier wire with a thicker polyethylene coating is to improve the longevity of function without deterioration in this direct ground burial application. Our Extreme wire will last the life of your pet without the environmental breakdown that leads to failure of an electric dog fence wire.

The factory grade 20 gauge wire will function the same but does not last. We have customers call us within three years that begin to experience wire break faults signaled by the transmitters. Most often these faults are the result of deterioration of the wire shielding and corrosion of the copper core. The 20 gauge is not all bad. I have recommended this wire for temporary situations. If a customer is moving in a year they can take the transmitter and collar with them to the next residence and re-install a new wire. Or you may need a system now but don’t have the funds to upgrade to our best wire.

I have explained the Extreme differences the best wire and the weakest wire. We also carry Heavy Duty 16 gauge wire. This wire has a .045 mil polyethylene coating which is sufficient to last many years. The 16 gauge is the best compromise for price and quality.