Checklist To Get Ready For A New Cat

Is it time to bring a feline bundle of joy into your life and home? After some simple preparation, your kitty will have what he or she needs to be happy in your home. Here are some tips for making your home a cat-safe and cat-friendly place to be.

Creating a Safe Environment

While cat-proofing your home will safeguard them against obvious hazards, keep in mind that you will still need to keep an eye on her. However, you can minimize the chance of her getting in trouble by taking a few special precautions.

Be watchful about small items that may be laying on the floor. Look for objects like string, rubber bands and children’s toys. If your cat plays with or puts little items in her mouth, there is a risk of choking or digestive distress. It is a good idea to remove all plants to make sure your cat doesn’t ingest anything that is poisonous. Tie your window blind cords into a knot and secure them somehow so that your cat won’t get caught in them. Electrical cords can be covered to prevent chewing and unplugging them when not in use is a good idea. All potentially dangerous household items such as medications and cleaning products should be locked away.

Make sure that your cat won’t be able to get out of your doors and windows. Although baby gates work for some cats, others find a way to climb them. Window screens should be attached securely to keep the cat from accidentally falling off of the windowsill. Keep the lid of your toilet closed to keep little kittens from falling in.

Now, take a look at places that are high up in your home. Cats love to jump and climb up high, so if there are any dangerous objects in places where the cat might like to climb, relocate them elsewhere.

An identification tag is essential for your cat, and a microchip is even better. This is necessary, even if you have an inside cat.

Covering Basic Needs

Your cat’s basic needs include eating, drinking, sleeping and eliminating. Before welcoming a cat into your home, be sure that you have provided for all of these.

Water and Food Bowls

If you have other cats already living with you, be sure to have several locations in your home where food and water will be stationed. This is to make sure your cats don’t compete with each other to get food and water. Food puzzles are a much appreciated commodity for your cat as they engage cats both mentally and physically.

The Litterbox

Having 2 litterboxes in your home is highly-recommended. If you have several cats, you may need more than this. If your home has several levels, put one litterbox on each floor. Litter should be placed in a large, uncovered box that is cleaned at least once a day.

Resting Spots

It is a good idea to provide various places for your cat to rest. This will keep her out of areas that are off-limits, such as your kitchen counters. These designated resting areas should be made as inviting as possible. When your cat chooses to lounge in them, reward her with treats and attention. Since many cats like to hide, try placing a covered bed up high or behind an object.

Places to Climb

Cat trees, cat condos or cat shelving will help create spaces for your cat to climb. These will be much appreciated during times when your cat wishes to escape from children or other pets, for example.

Scratching Posts

No one wants their cat to use their favorite couch as a scratching post. To prevent this from happening, provide at least one scratching post that is positioned vertically. Catnip can be used around the area to encourage your cat to use the post.

Additional Needs

There are a few other things to consider when it comes to your new cat.


A portable kennel is needed for times when you need to travel or take her to the vet. Ideally, the kennel should have a removable top and 2 exits.


Playtime is the perfect way for your cat to release energy and enjoy the company of you and other cats. Provide your cat with several toys for her to enjoy. You could give her a motorized toy that she can play with on her own, and some that you can enjoy with her.

Do you wish for your cat to enjoy the outdoors? The best way to do this is to allow them into a protected space, such as an enclosed patio or cat enclosure.

And there you have it, you are ready to welcome your feline friend!