Anyone who owns a cat knows that the term “catnap” was created for a reason. Cats love to doze. But maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Why do cats sleep so much?”

They do seem to get a little too much sleep, but there are very important reasons for it. Don’t feel too jealous of all that beauty rest.

Read below to find out why cats sleep so much.

Cats Like to Conserve Energy

You’ve probably seen the joke played out on television at one point where a cat brings a dead mouse into the house as a “gift” for the family. Whether or not the family appreciates the gesture, this scene tells something important about the nature of cats.

Cats are predators. They have a hunter’s instincts. Part of those instincts is to conserve energy for when it is needed.

Hunting prey can be exhausting. Sneaking around in the shadows, waiting for just the right moment and pouncing can burn through a lot of calories. This is one reason that your cat takes advantage of rest when they can.

Cats Sleep Very Lightly

Again, this has a bit to do with your cat’s primal instincts.

Before cats were domesticated, their defense was left to themselves. A wild cat would not be able to lie down at night and get the full eight hours that most people would love to have. A wild cat would have to watch out for other wild predators that would cause them harm.

This constant vigilance is still witnessed today in their sleep patterns. A domestic cat today will typically doze very lightly for just about 15-30 minutes at a time. Within that time, they can reach deep sleep, though that will only last about five minutes as well. Your cat transitions between this light and deep sleep pattern until they are ready to wake.

This sleep pattern gives a cat a better chance of being ready if they are found by a hungry predator. Cats also usually position themselves, so they can pop up at a moment’s notice.

Cats are Most Active During Twilight

Cats love to stalk about and look for prey. And the easiest times to hide are at dawn and dusk. It’s not quite dark and not quite light. Shadows stretch to give plenty of cover. This is the perfect time for your cat to hide and pounce on their prey.

Since cats are most active during those times, it makes sense that they would want to chill out during the day. This is their rest time.

While you might just be getting out of the shower and on your way to work, your cat most likely is on his way to bed.

Cats Are Affected by The Weather

Really who isn’t affected by the weather? Who doesn’t want a blanket and a good book on a cold day? Your cat is really no different, but they have an excuse. This goes along with energy conservation.

When it’s very cold or rainy, it just takes more energy to be outside. Your body has to fight with the weather conditions. This is the same for your cat. It might just make more sense to conserve energy today to go out tomorrow.

Should You Be Concerned About Your Cat’s Sleep?

If you’re asking why do cats sleep so much, you might be concerned about your cat.

Fear not. The average cat sleeps about fifteen hours a day. Also, kittens and older cats can end up sleeping more. Even if your cat is not right around the fifteen-hour mark, there’s really no need to worry. Each cat is different and knows what they need.

You should be concerned if you notice your cat’s sleep pattern changing drastically. If your cat starts sleeping a lot, they can be in pain or sick. If they start sleeping too little, it could be a sign of hyperthyroidism.

While a change in sleep patterns shouldn’t be alarming, it is something to take note of. A trip to the vet may be a good idea to avoid any problems later.

Cats may sleep a lot, but there are some pretty good reasons for it. At least you can rest well knowing that your cat is doing the same.