What is a Designer Dog?

If you’ve been considering a new dog, you’ve most likely thought about what kind of dog you’d like. What temperament should they have? What size fits in your lifestyle?

Purebred dogs have always been popular because they usually have set characteristics that most dogs don’t deviate from. But these dogs are not always a perfect match. Because of this, designer dogs have become very popular in the last few years.

You’re in luck today if you’ve asked, “what is a designer dog?” We’ll tell you all about them and some of the most popular designer dog breeds.

What is a Designer Dog?

Before answering the question “What is a designer dog?” it’s important to understand what a purebred dog is. A purebred dog is one that has been bred from many generations of known parentage and that matches the parents’ characteristics. Breeders call this being “true.” A true pup matches the physical and personality characteristics of its parents.

Think of a Dalmatian. Would this dog be a Dalmatian if it didn’t have spots? What about if they had a shaggy or wooly coat? The answer is no. A Dalmatian adheres to a strict description that has been created after hundreds of years of breeding.

A designer dog is one that takes two different purebred dogs and mixes them together. This is done for several reasons.

Why Some People Want Designer Dogs

For the most part, people like designer dogs because it combines the “best of both worlds.” Having two dogs of known parentage allows a breeder to mix them together to create something that is new and different, but also distinct.

A designer dog can sometimes be a healthier dog as well. Purebred dogs can only come from a small pool of genes. The unintended consequence of this is that some purebred dogs have developed breed specific health problems. By opening the gene pool, breeders create a dog that will be healthier and suffer less from genetic complications.

Many breeders also believe that hybrid dogs have more vigor. Hybrids are said to be stronger or have more mental fortitude. That claim is based on anecdotal evidence, so it is one thing to consider.

Where Do Buy A Designer Dog

If you’ve asked yourself, “What is a designer dog?” the next logical question is where to find these cute pups.

Well, there are a couple answers. Some pet stores sell designer dogs. Of course, with this method, it’s difficult to ensure parentage of the dog. If you plan to buy your puppy from a pet store, be sure they are reputable.

The most popular way people buy designer dogs is through a breeder. Certified breeders are trained professionals who specialize in one or more breeds. In some cases, they specialize in certain designer dog breeds. You can search online for breeders, but make sure you vet them well. Like pet stores, breeders can have bad reputations.

Popular Designer Dog Breeds

If you’ve been considering a designer dog, you might ask yourself which one is right for you? You should look at other popular designer dogs to see if they are a match for you and your family.

  • Goldendoodle – A mix of a Poodle and Golden Retriever create what has been termed a Goldendoodle. This pup gets the hypoallergenic coat of their Poodle parent and the easy going friendly Golden Retriever.
  • Puggle – This Pug and Beagle mix creates a cute, fun loving dog that has less respiratory issues than a purebred Pug.
  • Cockapoo – The fluffy and fun-loving Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix creates a dog of moderate size of between ten and thirty pounds. Dogs from the same litter can look and behave very differently depending on how strongly they inherit each parents’ genes.
  • Malti-poo – This Maltese and Poodle (usually miniature or toy) can result in a sweet dog that seems to retain its puppy-like looks for a few years. This dog is one of the most popular designer dogs because it is smart and affectionate.
  • Labradoodle – This dog can come in several different colors depending on what color Lab they are bred with. One thing they share is a curly or shaggy coat and a sharp mind.

Hopefully you now have your answer to “What is a designer dog breed?” Like all dogs, designer dogs need loving homes!

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