These days, lots of hotels are dog friendly, but what are the rules? You want to have a comfortable experience, but you also want to make sure you’ll be welcome back next time.

What rules, tips and tricks are there when it comes to staying in hotels with your dog? Let’s dive into hotel etiquette with a dog.

Dog-Friendly Hotel Etiquette: Before You Arrive

Always Call Ahead

This might go without saying but be sure you call your hotel to discuss bringing your dog before you do so. There are many hotels that simply do not allow pets in guests rooms. If you’re booking a room somewhere, be sure to look up their pet policy.

But even if you’ve booked a room at a hotel with a defined policy that allows pets, you should always call ahead. You’ll be able to ask questions and learn about the hotel’s expectations more clearly if you talk to an actual person. You’ll also be able to ask about any extra pet charges or deposits, as well.

Don’t Try to be Sneaky

If you’ve book at a hotel and are not sure about their pet policy, don’t try to be sneaky. Don’t bring your dog to your hotel room until you are 100% certain that they are allowed and wanted. Again, by calling ahead and informing the hotel you will be traveling with your dog, you will be able to avoid this awkward situation.

If you sneak a dog into your room, you risk being thrown out and charged. It’s best to find appropriate accommodations if you are unsure of your dog’s room status. And if you can’t find anywhere to accommodate your dog, you can always look around town for a kennel that does overnight boarding. This way you and your dog will both get to sleep well.

Be Prepared

You should think about all the supplies you’ll need. What can happen on the road that you’ll have to be prepared for? Since your dog will be in a new setting, there is the chance they will have an accident. Be sure to bring some paper towels and pet enzyme. Never use the hotel towels to clean up after a mess your dog has made. That’s just poor etiquette.

What else will your dog need? Obviously, they will need their leash and a carrier. You should also consider bringing a sheet from home. You can lay the sheet over the couch or bed to give your dog a spot to sleep without worry of them shedding on the furniture. Also remember to bring any toys that you can use to keep your dog entertained while they are in the room.

Think About Pests

Before going on and adventure with your dog, carefully consider what can happen to your dog while you’re out. When staying in a pet-friendly hotel, you must consider who has been there before you. There can be bugs or pests in the room or on the grounds of the hotel.

It would be best to make sure you have your dog’s shots completely up to date before hitting the road. You can also consider using flea or tick prevention products. There are several products you can choose from and that includes natural preventatives as well.

Hotel Etiquette While in Your Room

Once you enter your room, here are some things you should consider.

Report Any Problems

First thing you should do is look around your room. Are there any stains on the carpet? Can you find any corners or furniture that has been chewed up by a careless pup? If so, call down to the front desk as soon as possible.

You want to be sure these damages get reported. If not, you can end up seeing those damages on your bill!

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone

If you’re visiting a new city for the first time, you may want to leave your pup in the room so you can enjoy all the sights. As tempting as this is, be sure your pet is not left alone. For most hotels, this goes against the pet policy. Not only that, you will have no idea how your dog is doing. You may be out having the time of your life, but your pup might be frightened by the new environment. A frightened dog can become a loud dog too. You might have a bigger problem on your hand if this is the case.

If you are going somewhere that dogs absolutely are not allowed, consider finding a local dog sitter or daycare before leaving on your trip.

Try to Stop Barking

We all know dogs are dogs. Some like to bark a lot, some are almost silent. Hotels can be strange places for pets. There are people coming and going at all hours of the day.

If you have a dog that is vocal, do your best to keep it under control.

Don’t Bring Your Dog to Dining Areas

Even though the hotel is dog-friendly, the dining areas are not. Unless your dog is a certified service dog, you should keep your dog in the dining room and snack areas.

What to Do When Leaving

Before you leave, here are some things you should do:

Clean Up After Yourself

This goes without saying, but your dog’s messes aren’t for room service to clean. Before you leave, do a quick check around the room to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Report Any Problems, Again

Like above, we suggested you report any damages you find when checking in. Likewise, if your dog damages anything you should report it.

Depending on the hotel and the severity of the damage, they may ask you to pay a fee. Some hotels may see the damage and simply not worry about it. One thing is for certain, you want to announce it. If you do not tell anyone, they will certainly come back to you when they discover it. It’s best to confront the problem head on.

Good luck on your next trip! We hope you found these tips helpful.



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