Pet Custody After a Breakup – What You Need to Know

Many people consider their pets part of their family. So many show their dog or cat just as much love as their spouse or children. What happens when a couple decides they cannot be together anymore? What to do when that happy family has to part ways? If you’ve ever dealt with pet custody, you probably know that it can be a very sticky situation. Here, we discuss different considerations for when you’re dealing with pet custody. Pet Custody in Court If you are considering who will obtain pet custody, the first thing to consider would be if both people want the pet. Sometimes when a couple gets a pet,… Read More Continue Reading

Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed Guide

While we love talking about some of the most popular breeds, we also enjoy introducing less-familiar breeds to our readers. One such breed is the Canadian Eskimo Dog. This is a breed of ancient or primitive dog that have been bred by people for hundreds of years. While most people think of the Husky as being the dog of the North, that honor might more correctly go to the Canadian Eskimo Dog. In recent years though, the breed has been threatened with extinction. Read below to learn more about this breed. Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed History This breed of dog has long been used as a workhorse for the native… Read More Continue Reading

Top 10 Dog Breeds for 2019

There are some people who are simply happy owning a dog, no matter the breed. Some people prefer to have a certain breed. Because certain dog breeds become more popular than others, the American Kennel Club has posted a breed popularity list for several years. In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 dog breeds we think will be popular in 2019. Top 10 Dog Breeds Past and Present 10. Pointers Pointers are a great medium sized dog. They make wonderful companions for the outdoorsman, but also thrive with lots of love. Families are this dog’s best friend. But the family better be active. These pups need a lot… Read More Continue Reading

How to Train a Dog to Sit

Have you gotten a new puppy for the first time? You’re probably excited to have a companion that you can train to be your best friend. You can have a friend based on a mutual loving and respectful relationship. But knowing where you stand takes a lot of trust. Learning tricks or skills is one way you both can learn from each other. If you want to learn how to train a dog to sit, you’re in luck because today that’s the skill we’re talking about. Read below to learn about training your dog to sit. The First Step in How to Train a Dog to Sit There really in… Read More Continue Reading

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing

How many times has this scenario played out in your life? You come home from a long day at work or a night out with friends only to find a trail of torn up items leading to your dog’s favorite spot. If this has happened, you’ve probably asked yourself what to do about this behavior. You’re in luck today because in this article we discuss how to stop a dog from chewing up your house. Why Do Dogs Chew? Dogs can chew for several reasons. If they are a puppy, they might just be exploring their world. Just like how babies like to put everything in their mouths, puppies can… Read More Continue Reading

Why Does My Dog Smell?

One of the best parts of dog ownership is the cuddles you can get after a long day. A hectic day at work is best topped off with a game of fetch followed by some time bonding. But being so close to your dog might have you asking, “Why does my dog smell?” Just like with that “new baby smell,” many puppies have a “puppy smell” too that many people seem to like. Older dogs, or dogs in poorer health, can sometimes smell badly. Furthermore, the bad smell is not indicative of a lasting problem, but you should seek to fix your pup up. Your dog, and your nose, will… Read More Continue Reading

How to Help My Dog Lose Weight

How to Help My Dog Lose Weight With the beginning of a new year, many people are looking back at the previous year. Where have I grown? Where can I become better? How are my finances or health? But what about your pet’s health? Many people put on weight over the holidays, but sometimes our pets also join us in the holiday binge. If you’ve noticed your dog looking a little heavy, you may have come here asking yourself the question, “how to help my dog lose weight?” If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Today we give you tips to help you maintain your dog at… Read More Continue Reading

5 Exciting Puppy Games

People and animals alike need stimulation both mentally and physically. As they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. This applies to your mental state and your physical state. Animals need to flex their muscles just as much as we do, but for younger dogs, it especially important. If you’re looking for puppy games to play with your little one, look no further than this list. Here are some fun games you can play with your puppy. Why Is It Important to Play Puppy Games? No matter what kind of puppy you have, they all will need at least some exercise. You’ve certainly seen those viral videos online… Read More Continue Reading

How an Electric Dog Fence Works

Perhaps you have heard of an electric dog fence, but you may not know how they function. Let’s take a minute to discuss how they work to keep your dog in your yard. The Components An electric dog fence is made up of a transmitter, dog fence wire, and a special receiver collar that your dog wears. Without any one of these elements, the system will not work. The transmitter is the “brains” of the dog fence. It sends a radio signal through your dog fence wire, which encircles your yard. On the transmitter, you are able to control settings, such as the correction level, the boundary zone width and… Read More Continue Reading

Dogs that Don’t Shed & Other Allergy-Friendly Dogs

Every dog lover knows the best part of any pet is the companionship and love they give. Dogs have a way of warming your life and their affection can be energizing. But one of the worst parts of dog ownership is cleaning up their shedding hair. Let’s be honest – it gets everywhere. Dogs shed. Some dogs shed a lot. But there are some breeds of dog that shed very little if at all. These breeds can be easier to clean up after, and some of them are more tolerable to those suffering from dog allergies. We’ve put together a list of breeds of dogs that don’t shed so you… Read More Continue Reading