6 Activities Kids and Dogs Can Do Together

6 Activities Kids and Dogs Can Do Together As the weather improves, you might need some new ideas to keep your family happy. Why not kill two birds with one stone, and have your kids and dogs work together to keep each other busy? With school finishing up, try out some of these activities to keep your family healthy, active, and content. Take a Walk If your child is old enough, let them walk your dog. It doesn’t have to be a chore! It’s a great way to get out of the house. If your child can safely hold a leash but you’re not comfortable letting them out of your… Read More Continue Reading

Bluey: The World’s Oldest Dog

Anyone who has had a dog pass away knows that it’s the hardest part of dog ownership. Most dogs live on average ten to fifteen years. However, some dogs live to be much older than that. In fact, one dog has lived to be double that. Bluey the Australian cattle dog is the oldest recorded dog. Today we’re going to look at the story of Bluey, the world’s oldest dog. Bluey – The World’s Oldest Dog It’s almost hard to believe that a dog would live to be almost thirty, but that’s just what Bluey did. Bluey is officially the oldest dog ever recorded and verified. He lived to be… Read More Continue Reading

Why Dogs Sleep So Much

Anyone who’s gotten a new puppy has probably been surprised to find out how much they sleep. Just like human babies, young puppies can spend much of the day sleeping. But even as dogs grow older, they can sleep away big chunks of the day. Why do dogs sleep so much? Is it a bad sign that a dog sleeps so much? Today we take a look at the sleep pattern of dogs and why they sleep so much. Why Dogs Sleep So Much Before we start discussing why dogs sleep so much, how much is too much? Your dog’s sleep needs will change as they age, so it’s essential… Read More Continue Reading

Leash Training Your Cat

On any given day, you can see dozens of people walking their dogs around the neighborhood. When was the last time you saw someone walking a cat? While leash training your cat might not be as well-known as with a dog, cats can benefit from training. Some cats love walking on a leash, and today we’re going to discuss how you can leash train your cat. Leash Training Your Cat How to Pick a Collar or Harness for your Cat Even if you’ve never leash trained your cat before, they likely have a collar. A collar lets you make sure your cat can be identified if they ever escape from… Read More Continue Reading

Puppy Schedule for New Owners

Puppy Schedule for New Owners If you’re thinking about getting the first puppy for your household, you might be overwhelmed by all the things you need to consider. One thing that people don’t often consider is a good schedule. It might not be your first thought, but a puppy schedule for new owners is vital. Not only does it make training more manageable, but it makes your day easier overall. Today we’re going to look at why a puppy schedule is so important and even give you an idea of what an example schedule might look like. Why Make a Puppy Schedule for New Owners? There are so many things… Read More Continue Reading

Why do Sick Dogs Dig Holes?

With Summer just around the corner, you might be out enjoying the backyard with your dog. You may have also tripped in one of the holes they’ve dug up in your lawn. Some dogs love to dig. Some dogs don’t usually dig but will when they’re feeling ill. Why do sick dogs dig holes? Today we’ll take a look at why dogs dig holes and what you can do to help them stop tearing up your yard. To find out more about dogs’ digging behavior, read below. Why Do Sick Dogs Dig Holes? There are a bunch of reasons why your dog would dig a hole. First, it’s essential to… Read More Continue Reading

7 Reasons Dogs Bark

Any dog owner knows that any dog can get into a fit of barking that’s hard to come back from. Once a dog gets excited, it’s hard to calm them down. This can especially be the case if you have a very large dog since they are harder to control. Why do dogs bark? And what can we do as good owners to help teach our dogs not to bark too much? Today we take a look at the top 7 reasons that dogs bark and what you can do to help break them of the habit. 7 Reasons Dogs Bark Warning One of the most common reasons a dog… Read More Continue Reading

Look to Your Pets for Stress Relief

Look to Your Pets for Stress Relief There are lots of reasons to be a pet owner. Some people look for companionship in animals. Others want a reason to get outdoors. Whatever the reason, pet ownership can be enjoyable and can help improve your health. Today, we’re going to take a look at what research says about looking to our pets for stress relief. Pet Ownership and Heart Health Overall, owning a pet can help improve a person’s health. Aside from the companionship that a pet offers, people are more likely to be in better health when they own a pet. It’s hard to say “no” when your cute buddy… Read More Continue Reading

Calming a Hyperactive Dog

Calming a Hyperactive Dog Whether you call your dog “high-energy” or hyperactive, a dog that has an excess of energy can become quite a challenge to a loving dog owner. There are many factors that may be driving their behavior. One of these may simply have to do with nothing more than a predisposition to have a lot of energy, due to their breed. Other dogs are bored and need more stimulation. If you approach the situation on different levels, you may have better luck in calming your hyperactive dog. Get Your Dog Moving Is your pup getting enough exercise? Do some research on how much physical activity your dog’s… Read More Continue Reading

What is a Dog Behaviorist?

When people are having a problem controlling their dog, they may consider obedience classes. This is usually a great way to get you and your dog on the same page when it comes to expectations. If you are having a really hard time training your dog, you might hire a dog behaviorist. What is a dog behaviorist and when should you consider hiring one? What is a Dog Behaviorist? One thing to point out is that most people who are dog behaviorists are able to work with other animals too. A dog behaviorist is actually an animal behaviorist who has chosen to work specifically with dogs. At the most basic… Read More Continue Reading