Considering a high energy dog breed? When picking a puppy, exercise is an important consideration. Why? Because it will affect your lifestyle and dog’s overall happiness. If you are not an active person, but want an active dog, here are some things to consider.

Why EVERY Dog Needs Exercise

Dogs need exercise for their physical and mental health. From combating obesity to stimulating your dog, exercise is crucial to overall health. According to the SPCA Florida, “Exercise also helps control behavioral problems.  Pets that are not given outlets for energy may develop destructive habits like chewing, scratching, or digging, be hyperactive, jump on people or start raiding your garbage bins.  By doing daily activities with your pet you can prevent these behaviors from starting and keep your home a happier one.”

Dogs have differing energy, however. Some dogs need LOTS of exercise while some just need a walk and a few minutes each day. Things to consider are breed, age, and size. For instance, some dogs with short noses (such as Boston Terriers) have a hard time breathing. With bad breathing, it makes it hard for dogs to cool themselves. Therefore, gentle exercise is probably best.

Top 10 Energetic Dogs


1. Labrador Retrievers

As the most popular dog breed in the US, this dog needs a good workout. Retrievers were bred to retrieve. Thus, they are very active.

2.  Golden Retrievers

Perhaps only second to the Labrador Retriever is the Golden Retriever. They are known for their hunting skills and love of swimming.

3. Dalmatians

Dalmatians are a large breed that needs tons of exercise. They have lots of endurance and are perfect pets for long-distance runners.

4. Border Collies

No dog works harder than Border Collies. As dogs that were bred to work, they need lots to do. Keep them stimulated or else their behavior can take a turn for the worse.

5. Australian Shepherd

These bundles of energy are herding dogs. As a typical dog owner, you’re not likely to use this dog for its intended purpose of herding. However, you need to make up for that lack of work with lots of exercise.

6. Weimaraner

An agile breed, running is the name of the game with Weimaraners. As very intelligent dogs, these dogs require the stimulation that comes with intensive exercise.

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Believe it or not, this dog was bred to hunt lions. With energy like that, it’s no wonder the Rhodesian Ridgeback needs lots of exercise.

8. Jack Russell Terrier

This tiny dog has the energy of a large dog. Bred as fox hunters, this pup is in constant need of a workout. Due to their small size, give them a good workout in the house (playing with toys) or in a fenced-in yard.

9. Irish Setter

These gorgeous dogs can be trouble if you don’t keep them busy! They are as athletic as they come. Take this companion with you wherever you go and keep them moving.

10. Boxer

Bred as a guard dog, boxers are known for their energy. Keep up with them healthy by planning daily routine exercise.

How to Exercise a High Energy Dog

Every dog has different exercise needs. According to the AKC, “You might have noticed that your puppy gets a case of the “zoomies” several times a day. The zoomies are easily identified, and symptoms include madly racing around the house, followed by collapsing into a puppy pile, preferably in your lap.” This is your dog naturally getting their energy out.

Senior dogs also need special considerations. Talk to your vet about how to give your dog a workout that’s safe but provides them with health benefits.

Fun workouts to do with your dog:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Jogging
  • Fetching
  • Bike Rides
  • Obedience Work
  • Draft Work

Need some ideas for exercising inside? Run the stairs, play hide and seek or play a game of tug!

Remember to Stay Safe!

Safety first. Never push your dog too hard. If not, you can risk injury. Always keep your dog hydrated and have a first aid kit with you. Also, be sure to keep your dog leashed. This is the most important safety tip you should heed when exercising out of your home or fenced-in yard.

Stay safe and have fun!

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