An older dog sitting

If you are going to adopt a pet, you are making a wise and unselfish decision. Countless numbers of dogs and cats have to be euthanized each year because animal shelters run out of space to take in more animals. Now that you have decided to adopt, you have to choose whether you want to adopt a puppy or an adult dog.

Many people like the idea of adopting a puppy because they are “starting from scratch.” They admire the cute and cuddliness of puppies and that often becomes their main driving factor in which dog to adopt. However, some overlook the fact that puppies are a lot of work.

Puppies have to be trained so that they know what to do, and what not to do. They need lots of attention and exercise so that their bodies develop as they should. Puppies need to be properly socialized so that they feel comfortable. Not to mention all the trouble puppies are likely to get into. Puppies get into things they shouldn’t, chew things, make messes and have accidents in the home. Let’s have a look at why adopting an older dog just makes sense.

Older Dogs Are Better Trained

Adopting adult and senior dogs is a great choice for first-time dog parents. Older dogs aren’t going to nip at your toes and deposit puppy puddles all around your home. Most grown-up dogs have spent many years living with a family and have been socialized to being around humans. Many have been trained to respond to commands such as sit, stay and down. Many adult dogs have already been housetrained, which definitely will make life easier when they join your family.

You Know What You Are Getting

There won’t be as many surprises when adopting an older dog. What you see is what you get. You can already see their physical traits and can get a good idea of what their basic temperament is, although some shelter dogs won’t reveal their true personalities right away. You know how big he is going to get, and what color his coat will be. A senior dog also comes with his own medical history, which makes his future health more predictable.

Emotional Maturity

Puppies turn into adolescents before you know it. In about 4 months, that little furry friend will turn into a ball of energy. Most dogs don’t reach emotional maturity until they are at least 2 or 3 years of age. Adult pets are an excellent choice, especially for senior citizens. Many elderly folks find the calm presence of an older pet of great comfort to them. Adult dogs are also content with moving through life at a slower speed, just like seniors do.

They Will Love You Just as Much

There is no need to be concerned that an older dog won’t bond to you like a puppy will. Dogs are very resilient and have an open heart. Some adult dogs can completely overcome their past in just a few days, while others may take a few weeks or months. However, for dogs that have suffered abuse, it may take a bit more patience. In any case, older pets seem to know that you gave them a place to live when no one else would. Many

You Become a Hero

If a dog is older, he is much less likely to be adopted. When you adopt an older dog, you can feel proud of the fact that you have opened up your heart to a hard-to-place pet. Won’t it feel great to know that you saved a life?