With Thanksgiving not far away, many of us are already thinking about the things we’re thankful for. Common thoughts go to health, friends or family and even our jobs. With so many things going right in your life, it’s always a good idea to keep your pets high on that list. Today, we’re going to focus on the reasons we love dogs! Life gets in the way of seeing clearly how important our furry friends are, but it’s always important to make sure your dog knows you love them. And it’s important to practice gratitude for a relationship we may take for granted. Here are our top SEVEN reasons to be thankful for dogs.

1. Dogs Keep You in The Moment

From the moment your dog wakes up to the moment they fall asleep, your dog is living for now. There’s no need to worry about what happened yesterday or that big project you have due at the end of the week. Your dog is living for right now, and it’s a good reminder that you can too. Of course, don’t blow off all your responsibilities, but sometimes the right decision to take time for yourself. Some self-care is great for de-stressing. When your dog needs something, he begs for it! So, put off your worries for a bit and live in the moment with your best furry friend.

2. Dogs Keep you Active

Very few dog breeds enjoy being in the house one hundred percent of the time. Unless you have a toy breed that’s content playing catch in the hallway, you’re going to have to get active too. Dogs long to be worn out with exercise, and they love having you as their companion. Some dogs even can get destructive if you do not give them enough exercise. Your dog can give you a great reason to get outside into some fresh air. Keeping them happy and healthy is reward enough.

3. Dogs Make You Feel Great

Ever come home from a tough day at work to the sloppy, cute face of your dog? After periods of stress, that’s all it takes. The happy yap and a well-placed lick to the cheek can be just what we need when life gets us down. You know that your dog relies on you, and that little push from your friend is what you need to say “yes” snuggle and emotionally prepare for the following day.

4. Dogs Are Grateful

Dogs get into a schedule just like we do. They know when you’re leaving; they know when dinnertime is. They know your schedule better than you know it yourself! Your dog pays such good attention to everything you do, and they know when you do just a little extra. It might be just an extra minute where you sit down with them before work, or it could be that extra treat you give them at the end of the night. Whatever you give to your dog, they reciprocate that love and shower it on you tenfold. Don’t be afraid to give your dog a little extra love, because it always comes right back!

5. Dogs Challenge Us

Let’s face it, not all dogs are a perfect fit for everyone. Sometimes they need a little more attention than we’ve been giving them. Therefore, they might need us to adapt our lifestyle to suit their needs. No matter what the issue, all pets deserve to be in a loving home, and that love starts when we meet in the middle. It’s our responsibility as owners to meet a dog where they are, but there is incredible reward in forming a lasting relationship that allows you and your dog to grow.

6. They Let You Be Yourself

We laugh at our dogs because they’re just too silly, and our dogs have every right to laugh at us too (if they could). We can let our guard down and be ourselves when we’re around our dog. We can talk to them and they listen. We can just be who we are without fear or judgment. One of the best things about a dog is simple companionship.

7. Dogs Have an Unbreakable Spirit

After a long day, coming home to your dog is often just the thing you need. Their enthusiasm seems to seep into your own life. Even when they need a extra attention or are ill, your dog is always there for a kiss and a snuggle. They live life with incredible spirit that reminds us what’s really important in life. There are so many reasons why we should be grateful to have our dogs in our lives. Some are physical, some are mental, but what’s certain is our lives would not be the same without them.