Anyone who has owned a dog would know the expression that a dog is “man’s best friend.” It’s obvious that a dog’s unflinching love and devotion has earned them this title.

But where does this phrase come from, and how loyal can dogs really be?

Today, we look at the top six reasons why dogs are man’s best friend.

Origin of the Phrase

The first recorded use of the phrase “man’s best friend” is credited to King Frederick of Prussia and dates to the mid-1700s. While this is the first recorded use of the phrase, the special relationship that exists between humans and dogs goes back much farther.

This special relationship is shown is Homer’s Odyssey. When Odysseus returns from his journey, no one recognizes him. This is until he is seen by his faithful hound, Argos. The dog was once considered the best in the land, until his master left. Now the dog barely clings to life in hope of seeing his master once more. Odysseus cannot give away who he is just yet, so the people around them have no idea who he is. The dog however dies after seeing his master one last time.

The special relationship between man and dog has been shown in numerous texts that come from many regions. From ancient India to early America, the relationship between dogs and humans has been well known.

6 Reasons Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

1. Dogs Have Great Memories

When you come in from work, your dog isn’t remembering that you put in a full day’s work or that your feet are killing you. They remember that you’re the one comes home to get cuddles and puppy licks.

Your dog remembers all the good times you’ve together and all the shared moments. Likewise, they’ll remember to be cautious when they encounter things that have hurt or surprised them in the past.

2. Dogs Have Terrible Memories

While your dog is going to forever remember the way they feel toward you, they also have a short memory in some respects.

Your human friends will remember every time you’ve bailed on them. They can hold any let downs against you. But your dog will never do that. Like we said above, they remember the way the feel about you. While you may have forgotten to give them their favorite treat, they’re not going to hold it against you. They’re going to give you unconditional love.

3. Dogs are Guardians

Anyone with a dog knows that they can count on their dog to protect them. A lot of dogs are going to place themselves between you and any danger or stranger. Some dogs will not be so bold but will likely bark like crazy to make sure you know that they are suspicious of someone or something.

Your dog loves you and will likely be willing to risk their own safety to ensure you are unharmed. Now, they probably don’t know that the mailman doesn’t mean you any harm, but it’s nice to know that they care so much.

4. Dogs Have Empathy

If you have had a difficult day, it’s easy to feel better once you get back home to your dog. If you’re feeling down, your dog can reciprocate the feeling. They’ll also seem down, but the great news is that they want to help!

When you’re in the doldrums, your dog is going to do what they can to make you feel better. This might be just some gentle cuddles, or it can be a full-on game of catch to break you out of your funk.

Whatever your dog does, it’s likely that they’re just happy to be with you, and that is an encouraging thought.

5. Dogs are Great Motivators

For lots of people, dogs are one reason to get up in the morning! Dogs need your constant participation and require you to take care of them. If you need motivation to wake up earlier, start exercising, or spend more time outside, then dogs are the PERFECT motivator.

They enrich our lives in countless ways. Even when you’re having a tough time, they offer unconditional love. There’s no better companion or coach.

6. Dogs Make You a Better Person

Dogs make you a more responsible person. There’s no getting around taking your dog out, feeding them, walking them, playing with them, and snuggling them.

Next, your dog makes you a great communicator. They look to you to understand your every move. Dogs also make you more patient as training a dog isn’t easy. Dog owners learn to take the good with the minor inconveniences that come with dog ownership.

Lastly, dogs help you set your priorities straight. You must put your dog above other things in your life – like staying out late or traveling. You must take care of them FIRST. And that’s not a bad thing.

We Love Dogs!

Relationships with dogs are so special. We hope you learned a little more about why dogs are man’s best friend.